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Tax Controversies, Tax Litigation and Representation Before the IRS

Attorney Jed Hazeltine

At Central Coast Estate Planning & Fiduciary Services, we assist clients in a wide range of tax related concerns. If you are involved in a dispute with the IRS, or need assistance with property tax matters in California, you need an experienced attorney who understands tax procedure. You need a lawyer who has experience in tax court and other IRS proceedings and who will protect your interests throughout the process. To schedule your free initial phone consultation with a San Luis Obispo tax dispute attorney, contact our offices online or call 805-439-2323, toll free at 866-675-1036.

We offer representation for:

  • IRS disputes
  • property tax issues
  • audits
  • improper deductions or valuations
  • wrongful levies
  • Employment Development Department claims

Training and Experience

Attorney Jed D. Hazeltine has more than 10 years of legal experience. He earned a masters in taxation (LL.M.), and he studied federal tax procedure under an active U.S. Tax Court Judge. He handles tax matters from audits to litigation in Tax Court. As an attorney, Mr. Hazeltine can represent you in other federal courts if appropriate. Whether you have incurred IRS penalties due to late or under payments, alleged improper deductions or valuations, experienced a wrongful levy or need innocent spouse relief, his education and courtroom experience allow us to aggressively defend clients or recover refunds involved in tax controversies.

The IRS conducts thousands of audits on individuals every year and files millions of levies to satisfy tax debts. IRS penalties are severe and can leave you in serious financial difficulty. If you have failed to file returns properly, filed late, or been accused of taking improper deductions, you need strong legal counsel. Taxing authorities have the power to place liens on your property and have a bevy of tax collection weapons. Often the best course of action is to cooperate with authorities, but if push comes to shove, Mr. Hazeltine will aggressively defend our clients. The IRS, for instance, has unlimited resources, and you need an attorney who knows the law and can defend your rights.

Similarly, the Franchise Tax Board has a broad array of weapons to reach your assets and penalize you for actions that you may have unwittingly made. Mr. Hazeltine’s knowledge of the law and use of the “hazards of litigation” defense can help you navigate tax procedure and force a favorable settlement. He can also assist you with claims by the Employment Development Department, also known as the “unknown tax agency,” which is charged with administering the collection, accounting and enforcement functions of California’s employment taxes.

Estate Tax and Property Valuation

Our firm assists clients with estate planning and probate law. We can help you limit your exposure to estate tax liability through careful planning. In addition, we assist clients with property tax issues, primarily property tax assessments, property valuation and representation before the Assessor’s Board and State Board of Equalization. We will mount a vigorous defense, based on the law and facts, to obtain a lower assessment of your commercial or private property. In addition, Mr. Hazeltine is well-versed in Proposition 13 and the guidelines for change of ownership or control and “substantial improvements,” which, if ignored, will trigger a reassessment of the value of your property.

For assistance with any tax issue, please contact us online or call 805-439-2323, toll free at 866-675-1036.

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