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Creating an effective estate plan requires legal acumen, an understanding of tax law, and familiarity with the client’s goals. No two clients are exactly alike, so each estate plan must be tailored to the unique circumstances of the individual. At Central Coast Estate Planning & Fiduciary Services, we are devoted to helping our clients achieve their goals through careful planning and intelligent advice. Contact us online or call 805-439-2323, toll free at 866-675-1036, to schedule a free initial phone consultation.

Estate Planning Services

As an experienced San Luis Obispo wills and trusts lawyer, Jed D. Hazeltine can help you understand and utilize an arsenal of estate planning tools to serve your needs. The initial step in creating an effective estate plan is often the creation of a revocable living trust, pour-over will and powers of attorney for asset management and health care decisions. Estate planning should maximize the assets you control, minimize or eliminate your tax exposure and protect your assets from creditors so that your hard-earned wealth is preserved for your heirs.

We can explain your options, including simple income or incentive trusts or more sophisticated family partnerships or annuity and qualified personal residence trusts. Other effective wealth transfer techniques include intra-family loans, gifting, charitable contributions, and more. You will work directly with Mr. Hazeltine throughout the process of creating your plan. We pride ourselves on maintaining open lines of communication and excellent client support.

Trusts and Probate

An intelligently drafted trust is a powerful tool for asset protection and transferring wealth. Too often trusts are poorly drafted or ill-conceived. When this happens, the unsuspecting trustee can find himself the target for litigation. And, in some cases, the trustee uses trust funds for her own benefit or completely neglects her responsibilities. Our practice includes handling the administration of an estate, as well as disputed issues in trust and probate litigation. Whether you are a beneficiary or a trustee, you need quick and effective representation to protect your inheritance or your own personal financial assets.

In addition, we can serve as professional trustees to manage and protect your trust estate. Our background and training in trust law and tax matters allow us to work with accountants, investors and other interested parties to efficiently manage your trust. Whether you need a Shell Beach probate litigation attorney, or you are trustee or beneficiary of a trust who needs advice in Arroyo Grande, we can help.

Tax Controversies and Trust and Probate Litigation

We represent clients in income tax issues or estate tax issues, as well as other disputes involving the IRS, California Franchise Tax Board and the County Assessor. Further, in California, property valuation has a profound impact on tax liability. The rules regarding when the state can assess the value of your property for tax purposes are complex. If you have a question regarding tax liability or a dispute with the IRS, you should speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

Trust litigation is on the rise. In the past couple of decades, nearly every estate planning lawyer advised his or her clients to create a revocable trust. Unfortunately, there is much more to estate planning then drafting a document. Poorly drafted trusts and the failure to counsel clients on the importance of naming a trustee often lead to conflict between beneficiaries and trustee. Whether you are a trustee or beneficiary who needs assistance with an ongoing or possible dispute, we encourage you to quickly seek guidance or representation from an experienced litigator-estate planning attorney.

Personal Fiduciary

The selection of a personal fiduciary is extremely important. You need someone with knowledge of trust laws who is truly interested in protecting your interests. You should choose someone who can facilitate between the interests of beneficiaries and the trustee. You need an attorney-trustee who will pick up the phone when you or a family member needs help. We can act as personal fiduciary or help you determine an appropriate person to serve in that capacity.

Contact us by e-mail or call 805-439-2323, toll free at 866-675-1036, to schedule a free initial phone consultation.

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