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The selection of a reliable and knowledgeable party to serve as a personal fiduciary is a vital component of the estate planning process. At Central Coast Estate Planning & Fiduciary Services, we offer the unique skills and training you need to protect your interests in the fiduciary relationship. E-mail our office or call 805-439-2323, toll free at 866-675-1036, to schedule a free initial phone consultation with an experienced San Luis Obispo fiduciary attorney.

We offer representation for the following:

  • selection of trustees or conservators
  • durable power of attorney
  • DMV hearings
  • elder abuse
  • senior benefits and planning
  • financial concerns
  • advance health care directives

The Responsibilities of a Personal Fiduciary

Often, the most important estate planning decision a client will make involves the selection of a trustee or conservator. Disputes between trust beneficiaries and trustees and conservators usually end up exhausting estate assets, leaving nothing for future beneficiaries. For this reason it is crucial that the fiduciary be intimately familiar with the law of trusts, including the Uniform Prudent Investor Act, trust accounting and mandatory duties of trustees and conservators.

When selecting a fiduciary, you should choose someone with the legal, tax and financial knowledge to facilitate between all the parties involved in the administration of your estate. Your fiduciary should have the personality and expertise to interact with family members and beneficiaries, accountants and financial advisors. An attorney-trustee is perfectly suited to make sure that your estate planning intentions are fulfilled.

As a practicing lawyer with more than 10 years of experience, Jed D. Hazeltine brings years of litigation and estate planning experience to the table. He has a masters in taxation (LL.M.) with a focus on California probate matters. His personal and professional experience allows us to provide the caring and intelligent service that our clients deserve.

Acting as Conservator or Trustee

Our services include acting as conservator or as an agent under a durable power of attorney, as well as serving as private trustee for single person trusts or family trusts. We have the skill to protect the interests of the beneficiaries while complying with all the duties required under state and federal laws.

We are committed to protecting the interests of seniors in estate planning and personal fiduciary matters. Older Americans are frequent targets for abuse, both financial and physical. The benefits of a durable power of attorney are numerous. From helping with legal issues, such as DMV hearings, elder abuse, senior benefits and planning, as well as financial concerns regarding prudent investment and risk management, we offer the personal service and attention that our clients need and deserve.

San Luis Obispo County has a large population of seniors, many of whom will need the assistance of a probate attorney who is familiar with conservatorship law. Mr. Hazeltine is experienced with the highly technical process of court-appointed conservatorships, as well as advising conservators of their rights and duties. As with trust law, conservatorship law can be a minefield and so it is imperative that clients nominate someone who will act as a capable and honest conservator. We assist our clients with all aspects of conservatorships – from drafting an advance health care directive with appropriate provisions to working with families and friends to appoint a conservator who will see to it that the conservatee continues to live with grace and dignity.

Contact us online or call 805-439-2323, toll free at 866-675-1036, to schedule a free initial phone consultation.

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